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Action Plan

The first step is to understand the main objectives inherent to the desired communication strategy for the company/brand, always trying to innovate with each approach.


Creation &

Regular contact with the main media outlets, influencers, among others, allows for the enhancement of communication opportunities, but also for managing partnerships and commercial exchanges.

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Press Dossiers

We wrote the main ideas to be transmitted to the main media and the public in general.

Organization of Events

We analyze and accompany the client in the definition and search for the best ideas and spaces to guarantee the success of the event.

Advertising Exchanges

We develop commercial partnerships by offering products or services, to give visibility to the brand.


We stimulate strategic contacts to carry out promotional actions with the main media: magazines, television, blogs, radio, among others.

Strategic Partnerships

We form partnerships with opinion leaders and even among our customers.

Television, Radios and other means

We can take projects further with a vast network of contacts.

What we can do for you


Content Production

  • Planning and development of all written and audiovisual content of the brand/project;
  • Storytelling (the history of the brand/company);
  • Institutional and commercial writing;
  • Institutional and commercial video and photography.

Public relations

  • Organization of communication events and public relations actions for brand activation;
  • Creation of Media and Blogs Networking;
  • Press office;
  • Media Training (preparation and monitoring of interviews).

Event organization

  • We plan, organize and promote professional and social events;
  • Pre-event (definition of objectives, location, dates, partnerships/suppliers, among others);
  • During the event (organization, decoration, logistics, team coordination, activities agenda, among others);
  • Post-event (analysis and evaluation of results and goals achieved).


Naturally, we like moments of celebration and, therefore, whenever we think about organizing an event we start to imagine its theme

Creativity applied to the organization of events

11 de December de 2020

To talk about each topic is to talk about something relevant to the public, it is to demystify and facilitate the understanding of the content

Meaningful writing

11 de December de 2020

Public relations are no longer a fashion, but a necessity

PR = relevant and responsible people

11 de December de 2020

We usually comment internally that not everyone has a “natural aptitude” to feel like “fish in the water” in the frantic and creative environment of an Agency

To be Account Manager

11 de December de 2020
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